Accessing First Class from an Android smartphone / tablet

Open the Android Market
In the Android Market, click on the magnifying glass to search.

Search for "Firstclass"
Click on FirstClass Mobile, by Open Text Corporation.
Click on Install
If you agree to allow the app the permissions it requires, click on Accept & download.
Once it finishes downloading, click on FirstClass to open the app.
Press the menu button on your phone / tablet (The 10012012_95333_7.png button)

In the menu, press Settings.

In the settings menu, check the box to enable alarms on new content received (If you want to be notified when a new message comes in. If not, leave this box unchecked.)

Also if you'd like you can change the signature that gets added to all outgoing messages sent from your device.

Once you're done here, click the back button (10012012_95850_10.png) on your phone/tablet to return to the login screen.
At the login screen, enter for server, and your First Class username and password.

If your device has a password or PIN number (or face unlock)to unlock it, you can set it to remember your password. If you don't have a PIN etc to unlock, and someone gets access to your phone, your account could be compromised.

Click on Login, and you will be taken to your First Class desktop.

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